Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Years Ago & Re-Connecting in Coming Back Home Again...and Again

Two years ago, I had found an article written by Scoot Kloos at "The School of Forest Medicine" called Plant Teachers in our Own Land -- and remembering what I had written as a response about Coming Back Home Again.  To my 'Self'.  My bioregional place of upbringing.  The simple Roots of why it is so important in studying the Spirit of the Land I live on here in our property in Michigan.

Here was my response:

Shami's Herbal Musings

Monday, 14 March 2011

Many thanks and blessings for this beautifully written piece of art!  It is in the Spirit of ALL that we should always find our way back home, our bioregional place of upbringings. 

I had been blessed and I truly believe that many of the trees, stones, flowers, birds, plants, animals — each of the Spirits in these inanimate and animate objects and creatures — has worked their way through me over the past years I’ve been away from home, coursing through my very veins like blood and rivers

flowing…and granted one day, I was brought back to where my roots had first given birth and connected me with the Land I once lived and played on. Living back with those roots and being re-connected with the land once again, I know I am on a life-time commitment to these various plants and herbs of healings that are found around our area and on our property — 

and it is in my true heart and soul in listening to all they have to share with me, and sharing my experiences with those who will listen like the way I had listened when I was “Called Back Home to My ‘Self’.”

Thank You again for this article, and in hopes it brings others who study plants and herbs and flowers back to the land lived on -- for it doesn't matter where you live, you need not be planted in an exotic land or pure wilderness.  For:
"The love of your own land is a place where Spirit remains with many Mysteries awaiting to be unveiled.  Step outside.  Breathe in the Air of the Great Spirit.  Let the Flow of Life flood through your very Veins.  Ground and Center your Self -- and become Aware of what it is yet to show you."

BLESSings xo,
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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  1. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ long time between visits!...
    ...yes ~ 'tis indeed a sacred connection to the lands and it's inhabitants ~ plants ~ creatures ~ and ~ other ~ that is held most dear to mine self as well!...
    ...may thine journey be filled with much bliss and fill thee with gracious wisdom! ~ blessed be!...(0: