Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sinuses ... BE GONE!!!

NOTE:  In response to Rosalee de la Forêt's featured herb article at on GOLDENROD ~ September & October 2012:  Goldenrod (posted 09/01/12)...THANK YOU WITH SO MUCH GRATITUDE, Rosalee, on your beautifully written article here!

Sinuses ... BE GONE!!!

Last night was the very first time that I’d taken
Goldenrod Tincture in a glass of water!
My story lays here…..

Fall has bloomed here finally in our state of Michigan, and our Goldenrod patch is full of lucious yellow flowers as well as mostly White and Purple Asters — I don’t have many allergies from the outdoors (other than from mold and dust, which living on the backroads, can get immune to it after many years of inhaling it!), but last night my allergies from inside the home were driving me crazy from all our animal fur (three cats and three dogs) and the changing of the season into Fall has dried out my nose passage tremendously!

I was beginning to feel tension in both my temples, then it went over to the left side of my face and I could feel in my nose it was near my sinuses. It didn’t bother me all that much, but irritated me enough after I tried clearing out my nose and couldn’t. So I took two dropperfuls of the Goldenrod Tincture I had whipped up last September (containing the Flowers, Stems, and Leaves) in a tall glass of water — I’ve always taken the tincture straight under my tongue, but since being that I also get dehydrated more in the cooler weather and am bad at keeping water in my system, I tried it out.

The tincture, at first, didn’t seem to do anything but bring out the tension in my sinuses in my nose. “I’m not going to let my Goldenrod fail me this time!” I’ve worked with it in many ways before, experiencing with it, but this was the first time I worked with it in this way with allergies.

I let Mother Nature’s plant do Her work and ignored the funny feeling I felt in my nose. Sometime later that night, I realized that my allergies I’d been feeling before I took the tincture, had went away! My nose felt so much better and I didn’t get that feeling that my sinuses were stuffed anymore. It had balanced itself out with the other side of my nose, and my temples were back to normal again!

Hail to Goldenrod this Fall! I cannot wait to work with Her ‘Roots’ later in the season…..

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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