Thursday, July 19, 2012

Remember to Enter Into Gaia's Gift of Milky Oats!...

Oh, the season of our Late Summer here in Michigan has been extremely hot, humid, and dry -- quite nerveracking to my body as I have grown older and get too exhausted from not being out in the sunshine and being able to take the heat as I had as a child, when our energy level was in high and full-swing nearly 24/7 if we could, LOL! 

As well as some of the nights I've been unable to sleep well.  And getting a good night's rest is great for anyone's body in order to function when there's work to be done around the house, as well as in the job force.  I cannot explain enough just how important it is for the body to be in balance and function well when one has so many ongoing activities throughout the day, and have been searching my Self as well as with Herbs just what could aide in helping me sleep better to lighten my moods when I wake up in the morning. 

(((Photo above of the lovely Darcey Blue from her site, Gaia's Gifts)))

I was cruising around the web and found myself at Kristine Brown, site of her Herbal Roots zine For Kids! and landed at the article of a free giveaway of Darcey Blue's Milky Oats top Elixir -- reading a little about how it " great for taking whenever you need your nerves soothed, help with memory concentration, to help with insomnia, treating exhaustion and adrenal burn out." 

(((Photo from HerbalRoots zine -- don't forget that JULY'S ISSUE IS READY here)))
Unfamiliar with Oats in the herbal world in general, I found this very interesting -- and the bottle contains the very elements of its uses for what I've been craving for over this past Summer!  I trotted over to Gaia's Gifts in search of what more Darcey had written about the Oats here, and did a google search on the internet and found more interesting general facts here at Numen -- The Healing Power of Plants.If you're interested in learning more about Milky Oats yourself, find out more through research, or see if you have it growing on your land for up-close experience with it!  Until then, don't miss out on applying for the FREE GIVEAWAY over at Kristine's site!  Enteries must be included before Sunday, July 22nd -- and she will be drawing the winner on the day of her giveaway on Monday, July 23rd 2012.
(((Photo byJames McIntosh Patrick, "Stobo Kirk, Peeblesshire" (1936) )))

When Oats Were Reaped

That day when oats were reaped, and wheat was ripe, and barley ripening,
The road-dust hot, and the bleaching grasses dry,
I walked along and said,
While looking just ahead to where some silent people lie:

'I wounded one who's there, and now know well I wounded her;
But, ah, she does not know that she wounded me!'
And not an air stirred,
Nor a bill of any bird; and no response accorded she.

Thomas Hardy, Human Shows, Far Phantasies, Songs and Trifles (1925).
*~Sited and Referenced at:  First Known When Lost:  "When Oats Were Reaped", Sunday, March 25, 2012~*
Blessings of Oats!
   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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