Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning Patience After Planting First Echinacea Seeds

Plants have surely taught me much 'patience' in the little time I've been learning about them. Funny as you grow into an adult, and your patience either weakens and you become much too eager for things to happen -- or it gets stronger and find taking things one step at a time easier in learning. Recent things that have been happening in my life have tended me to go off the deep end and become impatient -- and is why I turn to plants and learning about them, they have helped that balance in being more patient, remembering that Egypt didn't become a city overnight, so as the plants seed in the ground don't spring up the next day after planting.

I've learned much, I've noticed, about patience though Echinacea; I bought some seeds some time back and have planted them, tended and nourished and talked with them each day I pass by the area in which I planted them at -- and different things  have popped up in the same area, and not knowing what Echinacea looks like when it first sprouts up from the ground, I've taken pictures of this area
     (PHOTO taken by Indigenous Shamanic Winds, first planting of "Echinacea seeds")
every now and then and will see how the area grows in time. So it's taught me that I must do the same in my life, look at a situation, and treat it gently with truth and respect, and be patient even if the outcome later isn't what I expect it to be.

I'm guessing the Universe has been recently tried teaching me PATIENCE in many different ways, other than just the Echinacea -- and I won't be initiated into the next level of my growth until I plunge through the trying and good times, and learn the lesson it's trying to teach me.

   )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds

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  1. ...upon the winds of time ~ borne along the true path ~ destiny found her wings ~ and sprouted a little tender patience!... ...all who peer deeply into the veil ~ shall find her easy chair ~ with comfort in the knowledge ~ the virtues of her seeds ~ shalt be revealed ~ to all who seek her wisdom! ~ blessed be dear shamanic wind friend!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...